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House Cleaning Service

Your house is cluttered, dishes are piling up, the dust mites have formed their very own eco-system with there’s enough crumbs under the couch to make a meal. You don’t have time to clean this mess up and even when you do, you don’t know where to start. Or maybe your current house cleaning service just isn’t giving you the results you expected. We have all been there, and the last thing you want is to worry about coming home to a mess.

It’s time to put your stress at ease, and let No Stress Maid take care of the mess.

Yes, we’ll clean your home!

If you’re aiming to find a house cleaning service in the Chicago & surrounding areas, whether it’s a mansion or a studio, we’re here to assist! We’ve cleaned homes of all sizes. Anything from residential homes to apartments and town-homes. We’re available for cleaning all of Chicago and offer customized solutions to each home. Our team can help you out no matter what the situation is. Whether you just renovated your kitchen or if you just want some help getting your home back to tip-top shape. Learn more about the Benefits of keeping your home clean.

No Stress Maid Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

There’s a lot factors that go into picking a quality house cleaner. Believe us, we know! Creating a great team can take months! We’ve interviewed 100’s of cleaners before making the choice to hire one that meets and exceeds our standard. With our 200% satisfaction guarantee we only aim for the best cleaners in Chicago. Our team has handled the hard labor and leg work of putting together a great team. Click here for good cleaning tips.

House with pool

What does No Stress Maid include?

When our team shows up for a cleaning, they are given very specific instructions & guidelines to ensure they’re always providing a world class cleaning service. Our cleaning checklist is completed on every home cleaning services.

Each cleaning is a custom and tailored to each house’s specific needs. Certain cleanings will need more attention than others depending on the condition of the home. Make sure to let your cleaning technician know of any specific needs you might have prior to cleaning. Include all special areas you would like to have them pay more attention to. Our team will always make sure you’ll be satisfied with your spotless and tidy home when we’re finished. Learn more about maintaining areas of cleanliness.

Still Unsure?

Still contemplating about hiring a professional house cleaning service? Call or text us! We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions. You also have the option of scheduling an appointment with our online system where you’re in control of your bookings. Change booking times, services, or cancel at anytime. Click here to check out our other services.

Don’t Wait

Why wait any longer? Let’s take away all that stress, and let No Stress Maid deal with cleaning up that mess.