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Most Common Allergens in Your Home

The importance of home cleaning is known to one and all. Dust and dirt particles, allergens, and pollutants keep piling up in our home if we do not clean it regularly. These elements mentioned above can result in an outbreak of different diseases, i.e., respiratory disorders and infections. Since these infections and disorders tend to spread from one person to another, the whole house can come under the spell of such diseases. As a result, the life quality of inmates decrease, and healthcare costs increase. To get rid of these elements, homeowners need to rely on eco-friendly cleaning methods.

Talking about allergens, these are specific substances that can cause an allergic reaction in an individual’s body. A most common place for allergens to reside in your home is your bedroom. According to James Sublett, a renowned allergist, our bedroom is the most allergy prone room. This is because our bedsheets, pillows, mattresses have dust mites on them that can result in dust mite allergies. Most people do not pay attention to their pillow covers and fancy bed sheets; hence, they go unwashed for a prolonged period. As a result, the inmates of your home are more prone to be affected by diseases caused by these allergens and dust mites.

Some of the most common allergens that are in your home are:

Mold Spores
Dust Mites
Cat and dog dander
Certain insects i.e. cockroaches
Apart from some of the prominent places, these allergens also make their way to the areas in our homes that cannot be easily reached and cleaned. For example, air pipes connected to the heating and ventilation system of our homes are most vulnerable to become home of these allergens. When these tubes release air, it becomes contaminated with allergens. As a result, air quality in your home will decrease.

Most homeowners like to decorate their homes with indoor plants. These indoor plants may also become home to allergens if not cleaned and maintained correctly. Although they can serve the function of enhancing the air quality of your home; however, due to these allergens, the result can be opposite.

The reason why you need to rely on No Stress Maid’s eco-friendly cleaning methods for making your home dirt, dust, and allergen free is that they contain no chemicals/substances that are harmful to our health. Most commonly used cleaning supplies, which are not considered eco-friendly, contain chemicals. Hence, they do the opposite effect, i.e., decrease the air quality rather than enhancing it. Moreover, these substances can also worsen the condition of people who are already suffering from specific disorders such as asthma.

All in all, an allergy can severely affect one’s quality of life that can be triggered by many things that are found in your home. Therefore, it is utmost necessary to get rid of these allergens from your home by using eco-friendly cleaning methods.